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Facing Fears with Acro Yoga

November 4, 2017

I overcame some fears and negative self-talk today when I participated in the Intro to Acro Workshop with Devin DeAngelis.  I’d tried enough Acro to have felt completely humbled by how much trust I need to have in another human, who is ALSO learning to trust ME.  I have never been excited about balancing my life on top of another human being. Never did I ever imagine I would be able to base another human to balance on top of me! “I’m not strong enough...” “I’m afraid I will___________!” “What if I fall?” Yea, but what if I fly??? I did fly today and I was able to help a friend fly. I had an opportunity to go toe to toe with some fears and challenge the way I communicate with others.  It was a winning kind of day 😊🕺🏻



💜 Angie Crews