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La Luna Inside: Meet Meredith

January 31, 2017

Hello everyone, and welcome to my very first blog entry here! I am excited about this and hope that everyone reading will learn something from me and in turn, I can learn from you too! So let's get right into it!



To start off, I will share a little bit about myself, what brought me into the pole/aerial world, and what you can expect to read from me. First off, my name is Meredith (I also go by Merdie), I'm 28 years old, and I make my living as a registered dental hygienist. I love cats, wine, and pole of course! I am coming up on one year of pole, (I started late January 2016) I also started aerial hammock in November of last year, and my flexibility journey in December. In one year, I have done things that I never dreamed possible and I'm excited about sharing all that with you.


What first drew me into pole is not a long story, but it did start long ago. Perhaps it all started when I was in middle school, and I loved watching music videos. To me, there was nothing more sexy and feminine as the quintessential "video girl". That was the kind of bad ass woman I wanted to be. As I got older (I was a sheltered kid, so like late teens, early 20s), I had the same admiration of strippers. Now to me at the time, stripping = pole dancing. To this day, I still have MASSIVE respect for strippers and personally prefer a sexier style of pole dancing, but know now that pole is much different than what you see in strip clubs and how the media portrays strippers.


So I always had in my mind that pole dancing was something that I wanted to try. Thankfully my best friend knew this and for Christmas, my best friend gifted me three classes at La Luna. My first class I was a little nervous but excited. I remember going through my very first conditioning exercises thinking "omg this is so hard, this is insane!" and it took me a month or so to get a half way decent couple of climbs up the pole. Even something as simple as a dip felt so awkward and a fireman spin was a mystery to me haha. I left my first class sore and bruised, but I was hooked...I couldn't wait to go back! A year later, I'm doing things I never thought I could do when I first started, and I'm excited to learn more!


I had some prior fitness experience before I started pole: I worked out on occasion in my early college days, totally fell out of it when I started school to become a hygienist, gained a lot of weight, and lost 35 pounds after I graduated college with mainly weight training and diet. But I had no dance experience and no upper body/core strength when I started pole. These days, the only things I do outside of pole for fitness are walking/the occasional run and leg exercises. I also started a flexibility routine, but I did that to benefit my pole/aerial stuff...the other stuff I do simply because I enjoy them.


I think that's about enough about me, but if you have questions, feel free to ask! As far as things you can expect to read from me, I want to detail my routine on flexibility (as far as how often I stretch, what stretches I do, my progress, goals, etc) and things as simple as what music gets me in the mood to pole, stretch, etc and how I recover from long and/or hard training sessions, and also a bit on nutrition. As far as the mental side of this goes, how I deal with getting stuck in what I call a "pole rut" and how every time I pole, I'm glad I did and I forget about the stress in my life. I have a bit of a science-y, nerd side to me and I love to look at fitness and nutrition from that angle! I also have had a lot of great breakthroughs with flexibility training, so expect a lot of that too 😛

That about wraps it up for my first blog entry here! I would love to hear from everyone reading what they would like to see as far as posts go. Let's do this for 2017!

~Meredith 🙂