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Just another Music Monday

February 1, 2016


For this music Monday, I would not only like to share one of my favorite playlists, but also share some of my favorite music apps.  Being able to stream music while I work, cook dinner, or drive in my car is really a nice break from getting bored with the same ol' same old music.  There are even apps which can detect the song by just a tap of the screen and, boom, there is the title and artist. 


Here are a list of music apps that I use, in no particular order:


1. Pandora

I think I had heard about Pandora before 2009, but it really wasn't until then that I knew there was actually some value to the application.  So, you type in the name of the artist or genre you like, and then it creates a "station" that gathers music similar to that artist or style of music.  I do like this app but it gets old after a while since I find that there are often the same songs that become over-played on that "station."  I'd say this is partially my problem since that would be the time where I take one of those other new found artists that I like, thanks to Pandora, and should then create a NEW station in order to broaden my horizons.  


2. Songza

My husband put me up on Songza and it was my go to app for a while.  Songza has a clever menu, using bathroom people icons in out of the ordinary action poses, based on whatever the theme of the suggesting they are suggesting.  The fun part is that the menu changes throughout the day and suggests energetic music for waking up, lounging around the house, singing in the shower, cleaning, coffee breaks, and relaxing at night.  Of course there is more and I really haven't listened to it in a while.  Similar to Pandora, I seem to find stations which have the same music playing.   So I just need to broaden my taste in music then, it seems!


3. Shazam

I can't say enough about how helpless I feel when I can not get to this app fast enough!  Shazam is a brilliant resource for finding the artist and title to a song that you just LOVE and want to download later.  Just tap the screen and Shazam will track the song and tell you the title of the song, artist, and album it is from.  It's still hard to capture the music which is played in stores or events, but if the musci is loud enough, Shazam just may save the day.  You can even put this app on auto so you can just set it next to the speaker when your friend has a super great playlist.  I also use this while I am listening to Pandora or Songza so that I can take screenshots to look over later.  Shazam does have a history but I am still not so sure how many songs it stores in the history.  I do get notifications about certain artists which are now using shazam, or doing something else that I don't have time to check up on.  


4. Spotify

I've never felt drawn to Spotify but I have been sent there by friends who want to share music.  I could never understand how it works and it seems to have too much freedom in that I can actually choose the songs I want to listen to.  I was only on Spotify to do my business and go.  Pandora only lets me find songs which are musically similar so I don't have to think as much about just finding new music.    I've only ever used spotify when someone else says they have their music, or playlists, up on spotify where I can go and check it out.  Spotify is more of a way of streaming music from playlist you have created, or those of people you know, rather than using a station for discovering new music.  So what I should do is find people who I know have great taste in music, who use spotify, and find THEIR playlists in order to discover music which is backed up with a good reference.  Aha!


5.  Soundcloud

So I actually never use Soundcloud but my daughter loves it.  Soundcloud features music from independent and amateur artists, which is what my daughter appreciates most.  She has shared several songs with me that she thinks I would like but I just can't get into it...just not mainstream enough for me, I guess, but it seems great for people who are better able to appreciate budding artists.  


This site has more info about trending music apps that I am going to look into!  Lots of new music goodies here :)

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