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Just another Music Monday

February 1, 2016


For this music Monday, I would not only like to share one of my favorite playlists, but also share some of my favorite music apps.  Being able to stream music while I work, cook dinner, or drive in my car is really a nice break from getting bored with the same ol' same old music.  There are even apps which can detect the song by just a tap of the screen and, boom, there is the title and artist. 


Here are a list of music apps that I use, in no particular order:


1. Pandora

I think I had heard about Pandora before 2009, but it really wasn't until then that I knew there was actually some value to the application.  So, you type in the name of the artist or genre you like, and then it creates a "station" that gathers music similar to that artist or style of music.  I do like this app but it gets old after a while since I find that there are often the same songs that become over-played on that "station."