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Music Monday

January 25, 2016



How many times have you heard a song you haven't heard in years,  transporting you back to another time and place?  What about that song you love SO much...that is until it becomes overplayed once the rest of the world cathces on because, they too, love it soooo much.  How about those throw-back songs which has everyone shamelessly singing along--"ok, now this time you be the guy and I will be the girl."  Let's there are songs you secretly love and only sing in the shower (or maybe that's just because you prefer the accoustics in the shower over singing the car).  Sappy, "I'm so in love with you songs..." which makes single-ites feel lonely or depressed, or just want to barf.  We have the sad breakup song genre (yes, it is a genre in my world), which I feel should come with a prescription label stating they should be thrown away after 12 days of feeling sorry for yourself, and then it's time to move on to the "I'm over you" genre.  Who doesn't love some Alanis and "You Oughta Know"?