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Who's That Valentine?

January 18, 2016

I've always wanted to go to a fancy party, like on the movies, especially a masquerade!  La Luna hasn't had a Valentine Party, ever, and I knew we needed to have one this year.  I started idea-rambling to one of the ladies about how we needed a party and I've been theme-crazy since we took on Alice in Wonderland this past Halloween.  The hardest thing about being a creative person is finding other creative people we are actually organized with making things come to life.  I am excited to say that not only is La Luna having it's first Valentine's Party, but we are having our first event where couples can come for a date-night, all dress up, and actually have something fun to do.  Thanks to our hoop dance instructor and one of our star students, we've got La Luna's Valentine Masquerade Ball scheduled for February 12th, at 6pm.  This is the most anticipated party we've ever had and I'm excited to finally have a reason to wear this pretty, mardi gras-looking, mask I bought a couple of years ago.   Go ahead and mark your calendar and set up the date with your Valentine or even a group of friends.  The cost is just $6/person, which you really can't beat for 2 hours of pole & aerial fun, with snacks and games, and memories with pics you will have for ever :)


The event is also posted on facebook which anyone can share and invite to come!


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