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It's a Blog, not Rocket Science! Right...

January 17, 2016

Jan, 17, 2016


I've never been very good at keeping up with a blog.  I'm the kind of person who has brilliant ideas in desperate need of landing gear.  Where was the grown-up when I decided I open a pole studio?  Someone has to start the wave, right?  Well I'm THAT girl, the daring wave-starter.   I have’t been to very many sports games, but I imagine it takes a great amount of guts (or alcohol) to start a wave in the stands.  I have started to think about this scenario and how it is that the wave keeps going?  Does that wave starter keep waving their arms up and down until people catch on?  What about the guts it takes to be one of the first people to actually make it A WAVE, before the wave really catches on?  How many other people does it take before that wave makes it all the way back to the wave starters?  How about those baby-waves that don’t last, are rarely noticed enough or after people are so over waving…who wants to be in THAT group?  Opening a pole dance studio in the Bible Belt has been one of the hardest waves to start, and especially hard to keep going for 3 long years.  


In all this time, I promise I’ve had good intentions of starting a blog.  I even wrote 2 great blog posts which were almost exactly one year a part but something inside be never felt the desire to keep it going.  I mean, who has time to even read a blog, let along to write and keep up with one?!?  More recently I’ve seen a real need for having a blog for my studio.  Truth is that I have been afraid of having a blog!  Having blog is going to be another wave, so I get stage fright thinking about how the words will be received…if anyone will read my blog…how I will keep up with it…and if it really even matters what I have to say in my blog.  What I have come to realize is that what I have to say really does matter!  My writing matters because I am a window to a world where magic is happening.  If I don’t talk about my magical world then there is a whole population of people who may never even know enough about it to come to visit.   What all of that means is that if I do not share my experiences and insights from my magical world, then there is an entire population who may never experience that magic which has helped us all.  Without starting a blog for my “wave”, my studio, then my (now OUR) wave may die.    


So here it is, in all its glory, the beginnings of our studio’s blog.  It does start with a big announcement, right?  I am hoping to see many topics ranging from success stories, insights, controversies, music favorites, tips, recipes and words of encouragement.  It’s time that I create a space where the world can have a closer look at the magic that is going on our studio, La Luna Aerial Arts.   


Here is to the first of many!