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Why do I need MY permission??

September 15, 2016

Over the course of changing into our [now] adult selves, from our more youthful selves, we now find ourselves inside a BOX.  Many of us sit in a box, whether it be a chair or car, our bodies are forced into an unnatural state of being lumped, or even just upright for those spending hours on their feet.  It's no wonder why we moan when we have to bend over to grab the pen we dropped, or reach for something to hold onto while we force ourselves to stand from sitting from the floor.   Not only are we sitting in a box but we also put ourselves into boxes with our thinking.  What happens when we give ourselves permission to try something new, rather than being dragged by a friend who has found a way to set themselves free?  Yes, we can set ourselves free from ALL the boxes, even if it's just for a few hours a day (or week, if that's a start).  And don't forget to thank the friend who dragged us toward FREEDOM!


I've had a lot of time to think about what it is that we REALLY do at La Luna.  There is something about the word "fitness" that just doesn't seem to fit me or my studio at all.  "Fitness" is not the foundation of La Luna Aerial Arts because, no matter the reasons we walked through the door, we all leave with some sort of abandon from this boxed-in idea of "FITNESS."  I actually started using "quotations" with my hands when I say, "Pole 'Fitness'" because that is not at all who we are or the core of what we do.  People often want to know if they can lose weight or get stronger by taking classes at La Luna.  What makes us stronger is coming to class, doing the moves over, and over, and over...and keep coming to classes.  Losing weight is a result of lifestyle.  If that gym membership is just drawing money from your bank account, it is doing nothing for your lifestyle.  Running on a treadmill did not get me out on the playground with my kids (or by myself) to hang and monkey around like I do today.  Nothing saved me from that box of how I thought about myself, or the way I work out, besides myself.  I never thought I could do something fun and get in shape.  I knew that I could do something fun IN ORDER TO get into shape, but I never first thought about doing something fun just for fun.  I am amazed at the people I meet who love the idea of what we do at La Luna as being something fun or exciting.  Don't get me wrong, it IS fun and all those things but that isn't what got me started.  I saw the results, the change is someone ELSES body and I wanted that too.  I remember these are the reasons why started but what I found was a new belief in myself, that I could be ANYTHING I wanted to be, the moment I gave myself permission.


I've recently added my studio's, more finalized, mission statement.  And these mission statements are not always meant to be written in stone but it is something that I feel more passionately, and firmly, describes what we are about TODAY:


La Luna's mission is to transform the way our culture thinks and feels about "fitness " through ways of FINDING fitness as a result of the way we move.  Our bodies develop control through motion and by giving ourselves PERMISSION to PLAY, we free our minds of all the things that hold us back with our "fitness" hopes and dreams.  Live your dreams by letting yourself become all the things we tell ourselves we aren't..."I'm not [strong, coordinated, thin, other lies here]."  At La Luna, we encourage people to allow themselves become who they ARE MEANT to be, not all the things we say that we are not.