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February 24, 2016

There is something special about what we do for "fitness", right? I have personally witnessed changes in people after getting involved with pole & aerial dancing, and more recently, hoop dancing! There have been so many who walked into my studio and left as a different person. The most common threads of truth that have been shared are just how much people have been changed on the inside since beginning their journey, and it IS a journey! I have shared my story countless times. I see faces which look at me in disbelief as I explain how much this has all changed my life. Then I hear people tell me all the things that they feel like they are not, don't have enough of, or false truths about what they think I actually do. It gets old! But I need to keep sharing my story because there is that one person who needs to hear it! It's SO important that we tell people about our journey because we are all different! We all have different struggles, ugly lies we have told ourselves and how much our lives have changed by doing pole, aerials, and hoop.


If you would like to have your story featured in the blog, send me your story! Also let me know if you would like to share your name (or first/last, initials or combination, age, married/kids, occupation, any profile info at all). Just let me know what you want to share!


So let us [spin, flow, & fly finactics] ask ourselves some questions.  And, it doesn't matter how long you have been doing any of this stuff because I bet 98% of these are questions that YOU can answer. This is YOUR story! I would love to hear it and, believe it or not, someone else can benefit from hearing to, too. <3


Why did you ever decide to try any of this stuff? How did you hear about it? Were you guilted by a friend? What were your fears about coming to your first class? Did you have preconceived notions about what we do that were changed after you became addicted? Did you overcome body-image concerns, or lies we tell ourselves...I'm too big" or "not strong enough," "uncoordinated," or any other false truths that stood in your way? What truths did you find about yourself that were always there only needing to be brought out? Has anyone in the community or studio made an impact and why did it matter? What is your favorite apparatus and why? Do you become someone else when you walk into a studio? Have other people commented on any changes in your body, attitude, or lack of money because we spend it all on classes, clothes, grip aids, workshops...and, and, and??? What is the dumbest thing someone has said to you about what you do? Are you frustrated when someone says they could never do what you are doing? What does your family say, and how do your friends react when you tell them they NEED to come to class? Do you feel like you are "working out," or maybe like you doing something else that almost isn't fair to the rest of the world, who hasn't found something they love enough to kee