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Pole Dance-Fitness 

Pole Basics

First timers to pole are welcome to register for this class.


This is where it all begins! Pole Basics is the first level pole class at La Luna, focusing on beginning postures and movements to develop body awareness and strength to execute spins and tricks.  We encourage all of our students to smile as they work against their own body weight in ways they didn't believe was possible..  Strong is the new sexy, so be prepared to use muscles you never knew you had!  This class level ends with proficient single arm spins and you will most definately see a difference in your strength than the first day you touched a pole.  


Pole classes are suitable for all shapes and ages!

Pole Foundations (all Levels)

This is an all-time favorite pole dance class because here we are focusing on movement.  We combine skills and concepts we have learned from all levels of pole in order to produce a sense of continuous movement.  we may cover concepts of movement patterns to challenge our ability to think outside the box.  we may also work as a group to create an entire sequence which can be repeated to the length of a full song.  This class may also break into individual work which helps us to grow on our own pole path--moves or drills that help us to progress on our own path.


IncrediPOLE (Int./Adv.)

Regular attendance/practice is strongly Recommended in order to remain in this class. 


This class targets students who wish to continue on their pole path which leads to going upside down.  Here we will continue to use the pole movement concepts learned in previous classes in order to work the space from the floor, up higher on the pole, and eventually upside down.   The class focus is more on QUALITY of movement in our skills, rather than just popping in and out of tricks.  Once a student is safely and comfortably inverting, they will continue their journey to more skilled and complex maneuvers.  Students will work as a group as will as develop their own personal goals by working with our experienced instructors who have their own style--from tricks to seamless transitions.  This class isn't for everyone and requires previous pole experience from another studio, or simply consulting with an instructor before prior to registration. This class isn't for everyone and requires consulting with an instructor before taking this class.

Open Studio Practices

Practice time for studio regulars or those who train at another studio.  During this time the studio is available for practice on pole, aerials, or just needing the space to move.  After working hard all week long in class, this is the time to let go!  This class is not an hour of instruction and is not for first timers.  Send a text message to the studio owner if you are unsure if your are eligible for open studio.


***Registration required for all classes to insure there is space available***