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Schedule & Calendar 
12:30pm Aerial Yoga
6:00pm Pole Basics
7:15pm Contemporary Dance / Hip Hop Dance (Rotation)
12:30 Pole Foundations
6:00pm Pole Silks
7:15pm Beginner Aerial Sling
8:30pm Advanced Aerial Sling
12:30pm Beginner Aerial Sling
6:15pm Open Studio Practice
7:15pm Pole Foundations
11:30a-12:30p La Luna Mom & Me
6:00pm Aerial Sling Lv. 1-2
7:15pm Pole Basics
8:30pm Aerial Yoga
7:45pm Hoop Dance --All Level
10:45am Pole Foundations
Here is our Google Calendar with a list of our classes and upcoming events.  This calendar feed is NOT live and may be 24 hours behind.  Please refer to the student schedule in Bookeo. Click the "REGISTER" button at the top of the page for find those details.
Classes require 6 hours advance registration and cancellation.
We may not be able to accommodate late registrations due to class preparation time. 
Event deadlines and cancellation policies may vary--check event details for more info.
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NOTE about this iCal:  This widget below does not refresh as often as we would like--sometimes 24 hours behind.  Fear not!!  You should always refer to the LIVE schedule located in your student account for the most updated calendar activity.  Using the purple button at the top of the page, you can access your account where you will find the all the details on class status changes, as well as waitlist requests.
Text the studio for any questions or last minute changes: 864-328-4104

Schedule is subject to change.  We reserve the right to cancel classes according to class attendance or other sceduling conflict.  In the event your class is cancelled, we will make sure all credits are reapplied to your account.


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