La Luna began as a group of moms, 

so of course, all of our kids love to hang and fly!  Aerial activities are challenging and provide children with opportunities to set achievable goals, instilling an internal sense of accomplishment, and proving to themselves that they CAN make progress through HARD WORK and PRACTICE!

Our youth programs vary from session to session based on the interest of the parents and children who would like to be involved.  Mom & Me Aerial Playgroups are available for groups of moms who would like to spend time together with their children in our aerial playland.  


Contact studio owner, Angie Crews to find out how you can start an aerial playgroup or to arrange a single playgroup date to try it out.  Playgroups do require at least a few moms who would like to attend in order to make our time together more exciting!  

Emails and calls are great!  

TEXT MESSAGES are best for a fast response!


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About the group: *Not all classes are conducted in the same order and will be adjusted accommodate the participants in the class.

Aerial Playgroups are a time where our young ones and moms/dads come for some aerial and grounded playtime at La Luna.  La Luna Playgroups include some group activities but we encourage free-range playtime & socializing, as well as collaborative games, like our "parachute" play at the end of class.  We will have a variety of aerial apparatuses for parents and children to play on together, in addition to playtime with balls, streamers, hula hoops, and our wavy balance trail which is fun for both the children AND parents!   Activities for non-movers involve "tummy time" and other interactive play with their grown-up.  Activities also include exercises parents can use as "homework" to incorporate more intentional exercise into a healthy lifestyle based on movement.


Angie Crews  864-328-4103

Calls are great, TEXT is better for a fast response

Playgroup Currently meets:

Wednesdays at 10:30am

Cost: $5/Person (Cash) - Babies under 12 months are **FREE**

REGISTRATION: ONLINE, payments made in-Studio

Due to a lack of Interest, we are currently not offering regular Youth-focused classes.

HOWEVER, children are able to attend the beginner Aerial Hammock and Aerial Yoga classes.  Children in these classes do the same as the adults and we have had great success with a few dedicated girls.   


Angie Crews  864-328-4103

Calls are great, TEXT is better for a fast response

Youth Classes & Parties   Ages 6+

Autumn Wood, Lyra/Aerial Hoop

These two were helping us "clean up" after playgroup.

Mom & Me Playgroup  *Ages 0-5