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Aerial Dance

Aerial Sling (Silk Hammock)

As seen on television when pop singer, P!nk performed on hammock at the Video Music Awards, suspended over the audience in just silk fabric.  Silks are used in aerial performances, also like Aerial Hoop, but using the Silks as a hammock has become increasingly more popular.  The beginner class is for all levels, as we teach this art in a progressive manner and by increasing intensity for those who require more of a challenge.  In Sling class, we will learn flows/sequences with the fabric in a series of postures, moves, and tricks.  Building incredible strength, body awareness, coordination and stamina from pulling and twisting, you will leave class feeling like you worked out even though you just "played" for an hour.  Sling Level 1-2 is for those who are fluent with the required moves from the beginner class before continuing on to the these levels.  



Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is the blended fusion of traditional mat yoga and aerial arts.  Using a single point sling, we will journey through sequences of postures and poses which are designed to challenge, envigorate, and strengthen the body, as well as the mind.  Aerial Yoga is just one path of yoga which guides us to learn that we can move into stillness within, through practice.  This class is a great start for those who wish to get into aerial arts and a healthy practice for those who wish to maintain a balance between life and their other pole & aerial fitness classes.


Aerial Hoop

Also known as Lyra, it is a metal hoop which is suspended from the ceiling, as seen in Cirque du Soleil. Creating beautiful shapes and maneuvering through the hoop provides a dream-like experience, all while strengthening your core, upper body, and training your balance.  This is an entry level class which builds intensity, in a progressive manner, leading to more challenging tricks, postures, and sequences.  The class begins with a warm up and, of course, strength and conditioning exercises--this means pull-ups!!  Yes, we can all train to learn how to do pull-ups as Studio Owner, Angela Crews, professes she could not do a single pull up before she began pole and aerial training.  Developing strength over time is essential for success in aerials and injury prevention.




Pole Silks is the incredible fusion of Pole Dance and Aerial Silks.  Using principles from pole dance and aerial silks, we are able to create a dream-like flow of shapes and movement.  Pole Silks is a relatively newer concept in the pole and aerial community, which challenges the body and fuels artistic creativity.  


Prior Pole or Aerial experience is helpful, but not necessary.